Kristīne leja

Welcome to my home page! My name is Kristine Leja. I have always taken delight in animals and their presence. Some say you can’t give up on your dreams. I like to think that my faith and wish to combine hobby and work gave impetus to reaching my goals. I established my company „Dod man kepu!” Read more


Hello! My name is Estere and i live in a private house near the Beberbeki Nature Park. I like animals and i enjoy taking care of them. Since my early childhood we’ve had dogs and cats in our family. I know serious Rottweilers, unruly German shepherds, intelligent Labradors and tiny Russian toys are like. I will Read more


My name is Daina. I live in my private house with a large lawn for dogs to runon in Āgneskalns. I really like dogs and i i love taking care of them. We’ve always had dogs in our family and i’m true dog person. I do not own dogs for the last five years therefore i Read more


My name is Inga. We’ve always had dogs in our family and i have grown up with them. I can’t imagine my life without dogs. I really like what K.Redfords has said – “It’s not important how much money you have, but if you have a dog, you’re rich”. Your pet will receive the best care, Read more